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Welcome to our site and/or auction, specializing in Early American Pattern Glass. As you can probably tell, we always seem to have more of stuff to add than time allows. We've concentrated on the essentials first, just basic ordering and inventory lists. We'll continue to get things more organized and spiffed up as time moves forward. We welcome any suggestions that you would like to make.

About us

Doug and Mary are the site owners, long time glass collectors and also dealers. Geographically, we're in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota (U.S. Glass pattern No. 15055). We've previously exhibited at Steeple Antiques in downtown Maple Plain (now closed). We have also been active dealers through the mail and at auctions for a number of years now.

Doug is currently a member of the Early American Pattern Glass Society (EAPGS) and is a life member of the National Greentown Glass Association (NGGA).

Photo images on our site and on-line auctions

We try and use JPEG images where possible to speed up site and auction access. On some older systems that only support 256 color displays, JPEG images may not display adequately. If JPEG images don't work well for you, please send us an E-mail request and we'll try and send you the photo in a different format or resolution.

In some cases we may have had more than one item in the same pattern, color and shape. In this case, we may only provide a photo of one of the similar items on this site and will place an appropriate note in the item's description. Please feel free to E-mail us if you would like a photo of each the specific item(s) matching your interest.

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