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Below are notes about our item listings
Pattern names In our item lists we supply a common or predominate in-use pattern name along with the Original Manufacturer's Name or Number (OMN) where known. An item's detail page may contain other pattern names as assigned by various authors or references (the AKA names).

The Early American Pattern Glass Society's Pattern Listing database is an excellent and searchable reference source for pattern names and/or numbers.

The Welker book provides a comprehensive cross-reference of pattern names to prior publications.

Shapes We try to keep it simple when it comes to an item's shape. We do realize that some shapes are listed differently in the wide range of available reference materials and in some cases end up being "in the eyes of the beholder".

As examples, there are:

  • Goblets, wines and cordials; and buttermilk goblets, gentleman's goblets, lady's goblets, champagnes, etc.
  • Cups, mugs, whiskies, lemonades, juice glasses, tumblers and handled tumblers
  • Open, "true open", lidded, and jelly comports; on low and high standards
  • Covered, fluted, and footed bowls, sauce and butter dishes; on a flat base or on a low or high foot
  • Covered sugars and marmalades; jam, biscuit, cracker and pickle jars (the latter with silver-plate holders)

We could go on-and-on here, but instead will encourage you to use our photos and dimensions to draw your own conclusions.

In our item lists, we try to list the high-level shape first to enhance the ease of sorting our lists;
for example we would use: "comport, covered", "comport, open" and "comport, jelly".

Colors We use the item's predominate color first, followed by a short modifier. We try to indicate:
  • Colorless items as "Clear"
  • Transparent colors as themselves, for example "Green"; sometimes adding a modifier like "Green, light" or "Green, dark"
  • Opaque items as themselves where it makes sense, for example "White" or "Custard";
    or as a modifier, for example "Blue, Opaque" or "Blue, Custard"
  • Translucent, semi-transparent, or opalescent items as "Blue, Translucent" or "Pink, Opalescent"
  • Stained items with the glass color first, for example "Clear, Ruby Stain"
  • Cased items as "Cased, White over Clear"
  • Frosted as "Amber, Frosted"
  • Applied decoration as "Clear, Decorated"
  • Etched decoration as "Clear, Etched"
  • Engraved words as "Clear, Engraved"
  • Souvenir decoration or engraving as "Clear, Ruby Stain, Souvenir"
  • Complex items as needed, for example; a red fading to white, diamond quilted, air-trap or Mother of Pearl (MOP), with acid finish, with applied yellow seaweed coralene decoration mug; may show a color description as "Cased, Red over White, Diamond MOP, Coralene"

We recognize that different computer monitors, televisions, and phones may render colors differently, so if you need a more exact color specification we have a Pantone™ book available and will match it up as close as we can.

Check an item's detail page for longer color and decoration descriptions as there are many, many permutations.

Sizes We measure our items to the nearest 1/8 to 1/4 inch. We typically provide either:
  • Height and diameter
  • Height, width, and length

with photos showing where we measured (as applicable).

If you need more exact sizing, just ask us.

Condition We try to be critical regarding an item's condition. We do expect some age-related wear to be present on antique glass items. When we do find and offer an item that we feel is in "near mint" condition we'll note it as such, but this is usually an exception case.

In our item lists we provide a one-letter Quick Grade condition, as follows:

A The item is collectible without any significant issues or notes (but this does not imply perfection!).
B The item is collectible but may have minor condition or other notes on its detail page.
(or send us an E-mail or call us)
C The item's condition or other attributes should be reviewed and understood before purchase.
D The item is noticeably damaged, repaired, or has some other flaw.
(R) The item is an identified reproduction or reissue.

We also use the following descriptors:

  • Undamaged - No significant damage found. The item is as close to "as made" as would be considered age-reasonable.
  • Mold roughness - One or more unsmooth or lightly chipped areas, typically on a base or rim edge, that we deem were part of normal production. This can often be attributed to imprecise mold temperatures when the item was removed during pressing, with some patterns being more susceptible to this condition than others.
  • Soft scratch - Fine base wear that comes from sitting on a shelf for 100+ years.
  • Utensil scratches - Fine line scratches resulting from everyday use, usually found on the top or inside of an item.
  • Water stain - grayish or white discoloration on the inside of an item, usually permanent, resulting from liquids being left in the item for long periods of time.
  • Chips - Visible and notable missing pieces of glass, resulting from damage or handling.
  • Flakes - Shallow missing pieces of glass, longer and less deep than chips.
  • Crack - A visible line or break in the body of a piece that can affect its integrity and diminish its value.
  • Heat check - A visible but stable hairline crack near the attachment points of an applied handle, which does not enter the main body of the item. It can usually be felt with a fingernail, but if not, it's more likely an internal imperfection due to the "hand made" nature of the handle.
  • Annealing line - A visible smooth gap (top edge) or wavy lines (body) that result from the annealing (cooling) process (incorrectly "straw mark"). These are not cracks or damage since they were produced during the manufacturing processes.
  • You can also visit our Site Terminology page.
  • And this GPSA web page for a good set of expanded conditions.

If you need a more extensive condition report, or more photos, just ask us.

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