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Welcome to our (re-launched) web site specializing in Early American Pattern Glass. As you can probably tell, we always seem to have more stuff to add than time allows. We're concentrating on the essentials first, such as inventory lists and item details. We'll continue to get things more organized and spiffed up as time moves forward. We welcome any suggestions that you would like to make.

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About us

Doug (passionate) and Mary (tolerant) are the site owners, long time glass collectors and also dealers. Geographically, we're in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex in North Texas (U.S. Glass pattern No. 15067). We have been active through this site, eBay, other auctions, and glass clubs for a number of years now. Doug is currently a member of the Early American Pattern Glass Society (EAPGS) and is also a member of the National Greentown Glass Association (NGGA).

So, what is Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG)?

For our site, it's glass that was mechanically pressed in a repeatable mold by a glassmaker, prior to about 1920. A current estimate is that were over 200 glass factories that produced upwards of 5000 "patterns".

Some authors and sites may impose further limitations, such as pressed glass that was produced only as a larger set of Victorian tableware (roughly 1870-1910). For our site, we lump the various forms of pattern glass into a single listing page, which can include earlier flint glass, large table sets, novelties, historical, and advertising items, just to name a few subgroups. Pressed glass made after 1920 like Carnival Glass, Depression Glass, vintage, and contemporary glassware may appear here too, but there are many other sites that do a better job with these later types of glass.

Art glass and Blown glass, including early mold blown glass, also make up a single listing page on our site. We allow this to be a broad category that spans all timeframes. It may include early flint glass, mold blown tableware and decorative items (roughly 1870-1910), the wonderful "carriage trade" art glass that includes Mt. Washington, Tiffany, Steuben, and Moser (and many others), to later manufacturers (Phoenix, Libbey, Fry, others), to glass from contemporary studio artists. We include Cut Glass here too (ABP and other periods).

Have fun browsing!

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