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Below are our current policies regarding returns

First, we feel we do our best to minimize the need to return any items you purchase from us.

We try to:

Usually, "buyers remorse" is not a valid reason for us to accept a return, regardless of the time period involved. We do not have a "restocking fee" type return policy at this time.

If you have an absolute requirement to inspect an item prior to final purchase, please let us know. We all must agree to the terms of inspection and our return acceptance prior to us shipping any item(s), while also realizing that we will not ship anything without first receiving and clearing an agreed upon payment. Failure to obtain our agreement prior to purchase will likely result in the denial of a return.

If you still feel a return is needed:

We do reserve the right to refuse any return at our sole discretion (but sincerely hope we never get to this point). We will also exercise our right to refuse a return if we suspect fraud of any kind.

All that being said, we don't always expect to get it 100% right and
are committed to working towards achieving a satisfactory outcome for everyone.

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