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Below are our current policies regarding shipping and handling

First, we believe that we are only stewards of these antiques and getting them to you, the next steward, is very important to us.

Second, shipping, handling, and sales tax costs are not included in our item pricing.
These are additional costs that will be determined during your inquiries and purchases, which will be dependent upon the shipping size & weight and your receiving address. We don't expect that any items you purchase from us will need priority or overnight shipping, but we're happy to work with you if that assumption is incorrect.

We currently do not collect sales tax except for purchases that originate in Texas

We can accommodate local pick up in the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas area.

We strive to provide business reasonable shipping and handling costs while ensuring your purchased items arrive safely. We do our best to recycle and procure packing materials in an ongoing effort to minimize costs and impacts. We only charge pass-through costs when new packing materials are needed. In some cases we can combine purchases into one shipment (just ask) and in other cases a single purchase may require multiple packages to arrive safely (examples: large lidded compotes or multiple-piece table or water sets).

We normally ship once or twice a week, typically on Monday and Thursday (as needed). Most of our items are in secure storage and we may need a day or two get them out and packed up. We are familiar with shipping within the USA (all 50 states).

If you need to ship to Canada or other international location, please let us know and we'll try to work it out. Please allow additional time for us to process international shipping. Additional customs charges may apply and we will not adjust customs descriptions to reduce or eliminate those charges.

Reference books normally ship via USPS Media Mail and may take slightly longer to receive. Reference periodicals cannot ship via Media Mail since they contain advertising.

We typically self-insure, but will take advantage of insurance if it's automatically included in the carrier's rate. We generally dislike the insurance claim process (any and all carriers) and feel it's primarily our responsibility to provide adequate packing. Sometimes this leads to slightly higher costs but we feel it's worth it. You can ask us to reduce these costs to the absolute bare minimum, but that may require you to self-insure instead of us.

We do understand that carriers sometimes mangle packages. If shipping problems occur we will typically provide a full refund whenever it's business reasonable. If needed, we will take the lead on all carrier claims. In some cases damage claims may require you to provide (digital) photos of the damaged item(s) to either us or the carrier. In rare cases you might be required to return the item(s) to the carrier or us as well. When this happens we will work with you if any additional costs are incurred on your end (but we hope it never gets to this point).

For items or shipments exceeding $200.00 USD or for one-of-a-kind items, we may require an adult to sign for proof of delivery. We realize that some carriers manage the signature process better than others, so if you have a local carrier preference please let us know.

You can also choose to:

We're here to work with you!

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